Demasiado no es suficiente

Siruela, 2022


After years spent mostly in the shadows between Colombia, Mexico, and Iraq, Max is back in Madrid in 2004. In a bar, the city and Elsa come crashing down on him when he sees the Bastet sculpture that adorned The Blue Cat among the bottles. There he will meet Robocop, his old friend from his days as a bodyguard in the Basque Country. Now he’s working for SK, an unscrupulous businessman who offers him an astronomical sum to risk his life to rescue his daughter Sibilia, who’s fallen into the hands of the pitiless Bulgarian mafia. But this is just the beginning… After I Smoke To Forget You Drink and My Price is No, this new vokume in the Max Lomas series is already a reference point in Spanish crime fiction, and offers us a story as hard and disillusioned as it is incandecent with sharp humor, paying homage to the classics of the genre while bringing it up to date.