Cuatro amigos

Anagrama, 1999


(Brazil, Francis); (Croatia, MeandarMedia); (Czech Republic, Paseka); (France, Pauvert-expired); (Germany, Frankfurter Verlaganstalt / Pocket: Heyne); (Greece, Patakis); (Italy, Feltrinelli / Pocket, Feltrinelli); (The Netherlands, Wereldbibliotheek); (Portugal, Alfaguara)


«An orgy of belly laughs» Der Spiegel

«Transmits to the reader the pleasure with which it was written» Le Monde

«A funny novel, loaded with humour, well-constructed and written in an amusing and fresh style... A step forward in confirming a literary career built on solid foundations.» Ángel Basanta, La Razón

«A real storyteller.» Inés García-Albi, El País

«Cuatro amigos is tremendously funny, moving and romantic. Longing for a lost paradise, it is infused with a very subtle sense of grace and elegance.» Luis Alegre, El Heraldo de Aragón

«One of the best portraits of an anti hero of our times.» Víctor Andresco, ABC


(Four Friends) is a coming-of-age comedy about the summer adventures of four friends. A bittersweet story full of eventful incidents, surprises, love, reflection, deception and loutish behaviour. An homage to friendship and a farewell to adolescence. 

(Spain, Anagrama / Club: Bertelsmann / Pocket: Quinteto)