Private: Mireia FONT

Cocina con 4 ingredientes. Más de 200 recetas en menos de 30 minutos

Grijalbo, 2012 | Cooking with 4 Ingredients


‘The best thing about the book is that the recipes are simple and they work; all you have to do is read them. An honest collection of recipes, recommended for anyone who wants to make tasty, everyday food with four common ingredients in no more than 30 minutes.’ Eva Celada, >

 ‘Less is more when it comes to cooking. Tasty treats that can be prepared in minutes. Mireia Font shows that you don’t need to expend much time or energy to eat well. An essential book that waves goodbye to enormous books full of complicated recipes.20 minutos

 "Taste lies in simplicity. Practical, tasty dishes for people with good taste but no time.’ Magazine de La Vanguardia

‘In a word, an EXCELLENT book by Mireia Font, as much for those of us who love to cook as for those who don’t.’ Propera Parada Cultura


(Cooking with 4 Ingredients) Simplify your cooking with this great book with over 200 diverse, simple recipes, ideal for those without much time to cook in their daily lives. 

Photos by Cristina Rivarola