Carreteras secundarias

Anagrama, 1996 / Seix Barral - Booket, 2011


(France, Gallimard); (Germany, Hoffmann und Campe); (Hungary, Patak Konyvek); (Italy, Einaudi); (Portugal, Teodolito)

Film rights (two film versions) Fernando Trueba PC - Sogepaq / Director: Emilio Martínez-Lázaro / Screenplay by the author deserved Spanish Film Academy Award; Pann Européenne / Director: Manuel Poirier


«An excellent novel, with perfect doses of humor, nostalgia and tenderness.» M. Monmany, Diario 16

«An attractive blend of quixotic adventure and coming-of-age story, of picaresque chronicle and on-the-road adventure.» I. Echevarría, El País


(Backroads) A teenager and his father travel through Spain in 1974 in a Citroën Shark, their only belonging in their shipwrecked existence. Their life consists of continuous roaming through desolate coastal developments in the off-season months, the only luxury they can afford. Nevertheless, soon they will have to leave the seaside and this will radically change their lives. At times bitter, at times moving, Carreteras secundarias is also a comic novel whose pages exude a sober lyricism as a son comes to understand his father, and heroism and greatness are revealed in apparently minor characters.

(Spain, Seix Barral)