Cansados de estar muertos

Espasa Calpe, 1998 | Tired Of Being Dead


«A sharp and interesting novel, both attractive and mysterious.» Santos Sanz Villanueva, El Mundo

«A sound verbal structure which creates a nightmarish atmosphere that pervades the whole novel.» Qué Leer


(Tired Of Being Dead) What is there after death? Beyond death there is a town made up of streets of different cities, a place designed out of memories. At least that is what Morgana thinks. She is a girl who has just lost her mother and has just met Fausto, the man who twenty years ago wrote to the dead woman ardent love letters, to which he never got any reply. Morgana and Fausto are both tired of being dead. Together they will share their hopes and despair in a city called Zugzwang, the name of a chess position which invariably leads to defeat.  In his second novel, Juan Bonilla presents a series of characters who despite being worn out, keep looking for reasons to stay upright and fight death.