Lumen, 2021


«Luna Miguel breaks the seal on the subject of feminism and polyamory.»
Ariana Basciani, The Objective

«We don’t know how to defend ourselves so our hearts don’t break. But in Hot we know what we should do: read, love, masturbate.» Luciana Peker

«Sometimes a book reminds us of what literature is capable of, of how demanding it can be and how opportune its recommendations. Hot is white magic. A personal story of love and pleasure.» Gonzalo Torné


(*In collaboration with PRH)

A personal history of love and pleasure.

In Hot, Luna Miguel offers her most intimate chronicle of desire, plural love, and literary creation. Illuminating interviews about pleasure and self-pleasure, and a lucid reading of a long line of female writers who risked everything in their works, from Louise Glück and Cristina Morales to Annie Ernaux, Marina Tsvietáieva, H. D., Renee Vivien, and Chris Kraus. “Intelligent and provocative,” (Zenda), the author is “determined to say everything she shouldn’t” (El Cultural, in El Mundo). Through confessions, reflections, and quotations, without drawing a breath, audacious and revealing, she touches us once more in her best work to date.