Juanjo SÁEZ

Arròs covat

Mondadori, 2010 (castellano / catalán)


Animated Series: TNT Films (Spanish), TV3-Escándalo Films (Catalan)


-Best graphic novel of 2010, as voted by the readers of Rockdelux Magazine

-Winner of the Ondas Award 2010 to the best animated TV series


(You’re Past your Due Date) Xavi is a young designer, cool and successful, who lives with the girlfriend of a lifetime. He thinks he’s happy, that he is completely in love with his girlfriend, but lately he can’t stop looking at other women, especially at Luz, who becomes the object of his desire. His friendship with Luz causes a crisis that will lead the couple to rethink their lives both personally and professionally. Xavi has just turned 30 and has a bitter feeling that he’s past his prime…

-Animated TV Series Catalan Language: TV3 - Escándalo Films

-Animated TV Series Spanish Language: TNT Films