Anton Mallick quiere ser feliz

Destino, 2010 | Anton Mallick Wants to Be Happy


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“A book that just clicked with me, and I greatly enjoyed the time I spent in the world of the confused Spaniard. “ Tony Malone,

«A sparkling novel that should be read if you want to boost low morale and, even, roar with laughter.» Lluis Satorras, El País

«A clever novel, full of humor. A tragicomic mixture, incredibly modern in its narrative structure, that effectively parodies the triviality of our world today through an investigation of an impossible happiness.» José Maria Pozuelo, ABC

«Ingenious adventures and reflections, intelligent and profound, from a refined, clever and fluid narrator. Adept at capturing common life and thought, Casariego has written a substantial and entertaining novel, the background of which unfolds with humor and curiosity.» Santos Sanz Villanueva, El Mundo


(Anton Mallick Wants to Be Happy) An action-packed book, with a refreshing tone, a sharp outlook and, above all, plenty of humor, Casariego offers us an extremely comical novel about the hilarious search for happiness following the usual recipes. A delicious story about love, relationships and family secrets