Animals tristos

Empúries, 2002 / Salamandra, 2003


(Spain: Catalan, Empúries / Pocket, LaButxaca / Spanish, Salamandra)


«Jordi Puntí has the exceptional talent to describe the ups and downs of life as a couple (…) and knows how to portray the most ordinary situations with a couple of subtle strokes.» Pierre-Robert Leclercq, Le Monde

«(…) prominent style, ironic, a little bit cynical and with great mastery of narrative skills.» Dante Liano, Diario Italiano

 «Jordi Puntí has written a melancholy and masterly book of stories, Sad Animals. Recommending it is a great pleasure.» Enrique Vila-Matas, El País


(Bulgaria, Ciela Soft);  (Croatia, Naklada Mlinarec & Plavic); (France, Éditions du Rocher); (Germany, Kiepenheuer & Witsch); (Italy, ISBN Edizioni); ); (Portugal, Teorema


(Sad Animals) Animals tristos presents an extraordinary mosaic of characters that are victims of love’s fragile equilibrium. The interwoven stories that comprise this human comedy reveal with precision the everyday traumas hidden within relationships. Hope and resentment, terrible memories and measures against loneliness, latent failures and existences as dull as a Sunday afternoon come to life in this tableau of contemporary Barcelona. With precise and versatile prose, he dresses his characters in irony and tenderness and then strips them bare with his sharp powers of observation. Beneath his gaze, they converge in a bottomless flood of sadness after making love. Just as the ancient Romans diagnosed it: Post coitum, animal triste.

Film rights sold to: (Spain, Films de la Rambla / Director: Ventura Pons); (France, TS Productions / Director: Eric Guirado)