Amores patológicos

Ediciones B, 1998


Holanda: Uitgeverij 521


«Damned literature, passionate and ardent, like a Rilkean angel.» Zoé Valdés.

«A different and provocative book.» Manuel Rivas.

«A book that’s stark, ironic, corrosive, outrageous…» ABC

«In this novel you’ll find sarcasm, cynicism, solitude, passionate violence, family conflicts and surreal images.» El Mundo

«The author  fuses poetic and introspective discourse  and great imagination, which doesn’t exclude extravagance, with an erotic, carnal and occasionally surreal audacity.» El Periódico de Aragón

«Nuria Barrios knows how to create tension, dream up situations that are as bizarre as they are appealing and has the strange capacity to emerge equally believable when she narrates in a male voice as when she narrates in a female one.» La Vanguardia

«Lucid, ironic. Nuria Barrios drives us into a tangle of  lustful, scatological, delirious and surreal stories, sometimes tragic and sometimes comical.» Qué leer

«A language that’s as pure as it is stark and soaked in fine irony.» Interviú

«The freshness and skill of the writing are utterly naked in this work.» Cambio 16

«Absolute originality.» Tiempo

«This book delivers a dreamlike and delicate light that comes, without a doubt from its violent and bittersweet poetry, from its intense language, from its brilliant audacity, from its sound and stunning lucidity.» Diario de Córdoba

«The autor exhibits a potent imagination and a corrosive sense of humour. For some, this is a pornographic book; for others, a violent, poetic shaking of the hidden regions of the soul.» Diario Vasco


(Pathological Loves) There’s no moment more beautiful in love than that, which marks the passion. But the very same loving dynamic demands its sacrifice. The characters of this book reject this warning and find themselves trapped in the strange space generated by passion that resists disappearing. Pathological Loves is composed of successive stories that carry the reader to the exact point where the abyss opens. Nuria Barrios writes equipped with extreme sensitivity, but also humour and lucidity and armed, above all, with a precise and devastating language.