Allò que va passar a Cardós

Proa / Tusquets, 2016





«Alongside Solsona’s virtuoso narrative display and his knack for pinning down a voice, the novel offers the reader a chance to get the literary season off to a start with a healthy dose of intrigue and costumbrismo spiced up by that age-old story-telling instinct.»
Ponç Puigdevall, El País

«Solsona achiveves a deserving spot next to two giants of Catalan literature, Jaume Cabré and Jesus Moncada. He rejects the easy autofiction road and decides to investigate, create his own world and lead the reader with the patient and artistic management of  narrative resources.»
Vicenç Pagès Jordà, El Periódico

«A kaleidoscopic story that conceals a tale of passionate love that takes on an increasingly epic air as the action unfolds.»
Jordi Nopca, Ara


An epic and kaleidoscopic tale combining an intense story of clandestine love, the assassination of a civil guard and one of the greatest civil engineering ventures Spain has ever seen.

The assassination of a civil guard forms the backbone of a novel set in the seventies that recounts the process of building the great hydroelectric works in the Pyrenees. Thousands of workers from the length and breadth of Spain found work on those pharaonic engineering projects, with underground passageways spanning over 50 kilometres, vertical shafts and major plants invisible to the outside observer. Drawn to a region frequented by smugglers, soldiers and fugitives are an assortment of characters from various walks of life all struggling to better themselves.