Private: Miguel MENA

Alcohol de quemar

Tropo, octubre 2014


«Five marvellous stories, wonderful tales that are extremely original and made of flammable materials, in particular the closing one, which is absolutely masterful, more a short and yet ambitious novel.»
Javier Goñi, El País

«A thrilling novel, one that makes us think and teaches us that there is more than one way of looking at things and that our feelings can change from hatred to pity in the blink of an eye, whether we like it or not.» USJ MAGAZINE

«A very special read. Mena combines his story-telling gifts with the flair of good journalist, a memoirist and, above all, his ability to put himself in another’s shoes.» Diario del Alto Aragón


(Methylated Spirits)  Adrián’s parents, his grandmother and his sister all perished in a fire started by two drunken youths. He was a child back then. Now, thirteen years later, he longs to find out what happened next, how the culprits fared behind bars and what has become of them since, whether they feel remorse or have managed to forget the tragic events they brought about. Adrian finds his curiosity further piqued when his friend Fernando tells him a similar story, one that took place many years previously in California, albeit one with a very different outcome at court.
Based on real events, Alcohol de quemar is a novel about justice, humiliation and bearing a grudge, about the fine line between revenge and forgetting, about the weight of the past and the pain passed down from generation to generation, but also the thrilling story of the search for identity, looking back, affection and love.

A mediation on the burdens we bear, resentment and revenge.