Santo Domingo, 1977

(*Working in conjuction with Editorial Periférica)

Rita Indiana (Santo Domingo, 1977) is a key figure in current Caribbean literature and a model militant feminist with an army of devoted fans thanks to her electro-merengue-beat group Rita Indiana & Los Misterios, which mixes conceptual art, popular Caribbean music, Afro-Caribbean traditions and social criticism with a fresh, new sound and frenetic rhythms. Versatile, cosmopolitan and transgressive, Rita Indiana is a rising star in the world of contemporary Caribbean music and in literature. She has published the novels La estrategia de Chochueca  (Riann, 2000), Papi (Vértigo, 2005 – Periférica, 2011), already a cult classic in the Caribbean, Nombres y animales (Periférica, 2013) and La mucama de Omicunlé (Periférica, 2015).