Mireia FONT

Barcelona, 1978

© Pablo Portán

Mireia Font is a professional nomad and compulsive traveler, self-taught in the kitchen and promiscuous at the table; with or without tablecloths but never, ever with square plates. She has learnt how to cook in the twenty kitchens of the twenty flats she has shared in three continents over the last fifteen years.  She has created, inherited and refined a plethora of dishes from living with nearly a hundred flatmates from all over the world as well as eating in a thousand bars, restaurants and street-food stalls in cities, towns and villages on five continents.

This defender of “sobremesa” or ‘the art of after dinner conversation’ has a university degree in Theory of Literature and Comparative Literatures as well as a Masters in Teaching Foreign Languages. She has worked as a waitress, a bookseller, a proofreader, a translator and a journalist; at one time in charge of teaching British Museum workers how to properly pronounce “Francisco de Goya y Lucientes” and at another divulging the most embarrassing words in Spanish to the City’s most aggressive businessmen. She has worked in Thailand as a lecturer in Spanish language and literature at one of Bangkok’s most prestigious universities while trying to find enough time to write articles about her travels and culinary voyages in various specialized magazines.