Badalona (Barcelona), 1975

© Photo Susana Pozo

He has a Media Studies Degree and a Literary Theory Master. After being editor-in-chief of the literary magazine Quimera, he has contributed to an array of media outlets.

As a poet, he has published three books: Víspera de ayer (Pre-Textos, 2005), Still Life (UAB, 2011) and La balada de Molly Sinclair (Origami, 2014). His debut collection of short stories, El Claustro Rojo (Sloper, 2014), also earned him the Café 1916 Short Fiction Award.

He has written the novels Hobo (La Isla de Siltolá, 2012) and El teatro de la luz (Gadir, 2013), with which he won the Fundación MonteLeón Prize. His latest novel is Los bosques imantados (Seix Barral, 2016).