Madrid, 1954

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Dr. Arsuaga is a Professor of Paleontology at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and Director of the Human Evolution and Behavior Institute (UCM-ISCIII). He is a member of the American National Academy of Sciences, Member of the Musée de l’Homme of Paris and vice-president of the Comission of Human Paleontology of the International Union Quaternary Research, Visiting Professor at the University College of London and co-director of excavations at Sierra de Atapuerca (WorldHeritage Site). He is the recipient of many national and international  awards, among which the renowned Príncipe de Asturias in 1997.

Dr. Arsuaga is a regular contributor to Nature, Science, American Journal of Physical Anthropology and editor of the Journal of Human Evolution as well as a regular lecturer at the universities of London, Cambridge, Berkeley, New York, Tel Aviv, Zurich, among others.
He is the author of more than a dozen works. Among them, one should mention the perennial long-sellers: La especie elegida (1997), El collar de Neandertal (1999) and Amalur (2002), all published by Temas de Hoy; La saga humana (Edaf, 2007), El reloj de Mr. Darwin (Temas de Hoy, 2009) and El primer viaje de nuestra vida (Temas de Hoy, 2012).
El sello indeleble (Debate, 2013), co-written with Manuel Martín-Loeches, is his latest work.
His books have been translated into several languages.

«Arsuaga’s viewpoint comes as a refreshing and instructive contrast to much of the English-language literature (…) [his works] should be read by anyone interested in their own origins and our extinct relatives.» Dr. Ian Tattersall, Curator in the Dpt. of Anthropology, American Museum of Natural History, NY