Diamela ELTIT

Santiago de Chile, 1949

*(Working in conjunction with Editorial Periférica)

Diamela Eltit is one of the most important figures in current Latin American literature. During –and against– General Pinochet’s dictatorship, she was a member of the prestigious art collective CADA. In 1983, Eltit published her first novel, Lumpérica, which inaugurated a literary world that was as personal as challenging; this novel was followed by Por la patria (1986), El cuarto mundo (1988), Vaca sagrada(1991), Los vigilantes (1994), Los trabajadores de la muerte (1998), Mano de obra (2002) or Impuesto a la carne (2010), besides several essays. She has been visiting professor at Columbia, Berkeley, Stanford and John Hopkins , among other universities, and currently she is a teacher at NYU and University of Cambridge.

In Periférica she has published Jamás el fuego nunca (2012) and Special Forces (2015).