Oviedo, 1987

Antonio J. Rodriguez (Oviedo, 1987) is a writer and a journalist, contributing pieces to Spain’ s top media outlets, including El País or Jot Down. He is also the editor of Caballo de Troya, a literary imprint at PRH whose aim is to find and promote new literary voices.

He is the author of the short story collections El principio de incompetencia (RHM Flash, 2013) and Exhumación (Alpha Decay, 2010), co-written with his partner, the writer Luna Miguel.

He is the author of the novels Fresy Cool (PRH / Literatura Random, 2012) and Vidas perfectas (PRH / Literatura Random, 2017).

His latest offering is the caustic and timely novel Candidato (PRH / Literatura Random, 2019), praised as “one of the novels of its generation”.