Una educació francesa

A French Education | L' Avenç, 2009

» Lletra d’Or Prize 2010

As the author warns us: “A French Education is not an autobiography, even though I talk about myself. I don´t consider it either an ethnological essay, describing customs, smells, the beauty of a lost country. Thanks to my father´s profession, and mine as well, I have lived seven lives, like a Russian cat. As a child, I skied in the Alps, ran along the banks of the Rhine, I hid  in basements in the outskirts of Paris, I picked shells on the beaches of La Manga, and I learned how to mummify a tongue in the coast of Provence. In those days before the Great Flood, without internet or cell phones, it took 15 hours for the trains to get from Perpignan to Paris and I would have to wait 3 or 4 years to have a phone at home. Singers knew how to sing. Actors pronounced French admirably. Cinema made you dream. The police asked for your documentation with Fernandel´s voice. Car lights were yellow, and the names of the streets were on blue plaques with white letters. Cows ate grass. Kids believed in Santa Claus. Postmen passed twice in a day. The president of the Republic edited poetic anthologies and Catalans spoke Catalan.”

→ TV Movie rights sold to: Mallerich Films - Paco Poch. Dirección: Ona Planas