Todas las chicas besan con los ojos cerrados

All Girls Kiss with they Eyes Closed | Reservoir Books (RHM), 2012

It’s the story of a Peter Pan, 32 year old Alex, but also a portrait of a whole generation.

Its wishes and contradictions, its obsessions, its childhoods, its facebooks, its gadgets, its shared apartments, its precarious jobs and, above all, its doubts in this new and unknown no man’s land that has appeared within the limits, in another precise time, between youth and adulthood.

What dos Todas las chicas besan con con los ojos cerrados have that conquests everyone who reads it? When Alex meets Natalia his life makes an unexpected turn. It isn’t that Alex believes much in ideal couples and half oranges, but he’s tired of occasional hook-ups, now what he really need is to find an All-Star girl; fall in love, make her fall in love, together fill up an apartment with Ikea furniture, settle down, but will it be that easy? Because Alex will remember that the world is full of other girls, and he will feel old, and maybe he will throw himself at the charms of other girls, or maybe he will let it all go down the drain and travel to Tokyo made a complete mess.

This is a love and a heartbreak story, and also a generational portrait: its wishes and contradictions, its obsessions, childhoods, doubts, facebooks, gadgets, shared apartments, precarious jobs, and the limits between youth and adulthood. Alex does not know, but maybe he will discover something about love…the easy thing: the search. The difficult thing: coming out victorious after finding it…