Menoslobos, 2019 | Ramona

In 1927 E. M. Forster concluded that the difference between story and plot could be summed up in a single word: pain. It is very different for a king and queen to die––story––and for them to die of something: it is that pain that creates the plot. It could be said that Rosario Villajos’s Ramona follows these precepts, and that the story she tells us is of the passage from childhood to adolescence through the pain that transition gives rise to. Perhaps for this reason, neither the protagonist nor the gallery of characters who accompany her appeal to our compassion, and we do not find in them a search for redemption. In the world Rosario Villajos creates, her heroine’s journey is that of a person who lacks the basic means to pay the price of her ticket. A world very similar to our own, whose story is that it constantly rejects us and whose plot is that it does so with shocking ease.