Pacific | Anagrama, 2008

» Dulce Chacón Award 2009
» Selected by the critics of El Cultural as one of the 10 best fiction titles of 2008

«My sadness was just a pose, a way of drawing attention to myself, an inevitable condition for becoming a writer.»

This is what the narrator of Pacífico says – witness to a family saga in which a whole series of misfortunes accumulate behind closed doors, while on the outside world Arsmtrong steps on the moon and a patient survives the first heart transplant in history. If privacy is something that cannot be shared, because it weakens us, Pacífico is a very private tale that rummages through the insides of its characters with exceptional delicacy, until they become unforgettable creatures given a bad deal by life. The members of this family have known poverty, but they have had it beaten out of them by circumstances. A father who pays a high price for his love affair with the owner of a perfume shop, a mother who has placed a thick glass screen between herself and her children, a brother who builds model ships and who will be destroyed by a fatal coincidence.

With splendid and ringing prose, the author tells the moving story of fragile people in the hands of a destiny that thrives on cruel jokes.