No estamos tan bien

We Aren’t All Good | Temas de Hoy (Planeta), 2020

Andrés got beaten up outside of a dance club. Sumaya had to run away from home when she told her that her classmate wasn’t just her friend. Simon left his country because kissing his boyfriend there was unthinkable.

Maybe they’ll never meet, because they don’t share a neighborhood, a city, origins, or work. All they share is the knowledge that violence can come at you from all sides.

From school to the office, from the hospital to the courts, from the streets to the privacy of home, Rubén Serrano traces out a path in this book through all the lived spaces affected by a world that passes judgment on gender, love, and sexuality.

A journalist specializing in culture, gender, LGTBI+ issues and HIV, and the person behind the #mequeer movement in Spain, Serrano spent months gathering testimonies of episodes of daily violence. With these voices, he weaves together a revealing account of what it still means today to be born, grow up, and live outside the norm in Spain.