Niños futbolistas

Child Footballers, by Juan Pablo Meneses | Blackie Books, 2013

Who will the new Messi be?
How are the agents looking for the next big star?
What’s behind the signing of a new talent?
What kind of limbo will the children who manage to “get out” but don’t “get in” fall into?
What’s the origin of what the market offers us in such a persuasive and natural way?

For two years, Juan Pablo Meneses, one of the most prestigious journalists of our time, searched Latin America and Europe for a child footballer, a future star to do deals with.

Meneses hasn’t been a mere observer: he undertook this journey with the aim of buying young talent and doing good business. In search of the new Messi.

This extreme tale reveals the hidden side of the football market: the trafficking of children, the pressure from families, the schools and scouts from European clubs, the mechanisms, the travels, the hopes and the failures.

A book that reveals for the first time, and from the inside, what no one sees in today’s football.

The Writer
Juan Pablo Meneses (Santiago de Chile, 1969) is a writer, reporter and portable journalist. He is the author of the books Equipaje de mano (Planeta); Sexo y poder (Planeta); La vida de una vaca (Planeta/Seix Barral, shortlisted for the Crónicas Seix Barral Award); Crónicas Argentinas (Norma) and Hotel España (Norma), singled out by Consorcio Camino del Cid as among the finest pieces of travel writing to be published in Spain in 2010. He is the founder of the School of Portable Journalism and runs the newspaper hoyxhoy. His features have been published in 25 countries and translated into 5 languages.