L’últim patriarca

The Last Patriach | Planeta, 2008

» Ramon Llull Award 2008

» Prix Ulysse 2009

» Shortlisted for the Prix Méditerranée étranger 2009

Through a masterly and deliberate use of the resources of oral tradition, the author Najat El Hachmi constructs a modern fable punctuated by moments of great tenderness and others of brutal drama, all of them peppered with a sense of humour that verges on the corrosive.

Mimoun and her daughter exist to fulfil the role that has been assigned them by the patriarchy, but a change in their lives will forever alter the order of things. Mimoun Driouch’s daughter narrates her life from the time she was born until she is about to go to university. She wants to understand her father, she needs to know what has turned him an authoritarian and despotic figure to come to terms with the role he plays in her life.