Les amnèsies de Déu

God’s Amnesias | Empúries, 2006

Father Puig is a priest who loves women, but the outbreak of the Second World War will change dramatically his relationship with his lover, the delicate Alexandrine Bouisse. The story of his secret love, spattered with guilt, unravels within the context of one of the most shameful episodes in the history of France: the collaborationist Vichy regime and the pusillanimous complicity of Marshall Pétain in the deportation of the Jews to Nazi concentration camps.

With all the irony and sarcasm of this Rossellonese author, and using a rich language full of shades of meaning, Bezsonoff offers us a novel which expertly combines bellicose impulse with philological passion, both diluted with four drops of cynicism and melancholy. With God’s Amnesias, Joan-Daniel Bezsonoff definitively confirms himself as one of the best revelations in Catalan literature in recent years.