La vida es corta y luego te mueres

Penguin Random House / Reservoir Books, Febrero 2015

(Life is Short and Then You Die) A collection of flash fiction pieces on heartbreak, handled with humor and tenderness.  The humdrum nature of love, sex and life as a couple. The highs, the lows, what turns us on and, above all, what we cannot live without: the woman who drives us nuts, the man we cannot stop thinking about. Or can we…?
The illustrations by Lyona, whose naïf, loveable sketches have already won the hearts of readers in their droves, are the ideal match for these small (and yet great at the same time) stories.
A selection of 100 ‪#‎flashfiction stories by Enric Pardo, with illustrations by Lyona and a foreword by Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox to you and me), with 20 #flashfiction stories never before published as they are too good for #twitter.

-2nd Reprint!