La tortilla de patatas

PRH/ Debate, December 2016 | The Spanish Omelette

>3rd reprint!!!

Which came first? The egg? The hen? Or the onion?

For David de Jorge, it’s a no-brainer: the egg is where it all begins. The egg has much to offer.

Is it a recipe book? A comic? Bingo! It’s the great book of the Spanish omelette, the cornerstone and standard-bearer of popular Spanish cuisine. Nine essential Spanish omelette recipes, nine side dishes to keep it company and nine anti-Spanish omelette recipes (not to be missed). Side-splitting, entertaining and a very useful kitchen aid.

The chef David de Jorge joins forces once again with the illustrator Javi Royo to tell the story of a must on any Spanish dining table: the Spanish omelette. 

David de Jorge looks back at the beginnings of the Spanish omelette and the original recipe, and explains how the tortilla, not content with the standard ingredients and in a bid to break new ground, has become fertile ground for experimentation in the hands of master chefs, who set about creating mouth-watering, madcap variations on the original recipe… all leading up to the final chapter: the Spanish omelette to end all Spanish omelettes.