La ternura del dragón

Anagrama, 1985 / Seix Barral - Booket, 2011

(The Tenderness of the Dragon). Miguel, a “seriously ill” adolescent, who has to stay in bed for a spell, is going to live at his grandparents’ house, and enters it as if he were entering “into a novel.” During the initial phase, the narration builds a happy world where all the people and things that surround Miguel appear to be enshrouded in a golden haze. But at a certain moment, the blurry silhouettes at which Miguel was marvelling begin to worry him: his dreams become a nightmare and what began almost as an elegy, transforms into a mystery novel. 

(Spain, Anagrama / Club, Círculo de Lectores/ Pocket, Seix Barral, 2011)