La palabra más sexy es sí

Penguin Random House, L'Altra Editorial 2019 | Yes Is the Sexiest Word

(*Working in conjuction with PRH)

"A dangerously empty space." That is what this book, conceived first as a fanzine, wants to occupy.

The author has managed to create a practical guide including reflections, tips and advice about the way to freely approach relationships. Consentment needs to be explicit because a “Yes” can become a “No” at any given time.

Illustrated by Petra Eriksson and using a direct and intimate style, that does not avoid complexity or nuances, Shaina Joy provides tools to unmask sexual violence, which in many cases is so naturalized that it can go unnoticed.

The book is intended to reach a broad audience and includes a glossary and examples of conversations to express wishes and limits. Tip: do not leave it too far from the bed.