La felicitat no és completa

Happiness Is Never Complete | Ediciones 62, 2004

» Sant Joan Prize 2003

This work, which travels through the flames and ashes of a generation who saw the light on the death of John F. Kennedy, offers a completely new view of the 70s and 80s.

This novel is the intermittent biography of someone without convictions, insignificant although meaningful. The structure, reticular and all-embracing, is shaped into seven episodes situated between 1971 and 2003. Each of them is a tunnel dug under the crust of friendship, the family, education, love, work and politics: stages in a defective socialisation process. As well as learning for life, the novel traces the continuity and metamorphosis of a character but also of the scenes, language and music of a period with no criticism or nostalgia. Quite the opposite, he does so with humour and tenderness and, above all, with the strength of hyperrealism.