La estación perdida

The Lost Station | Alfaguara, 2011 / Pocket, Punto de Lectura

» Ojo Crítico 2012 Award

This is story of the love between a go-getter and a one-man woman.

An unexpected piece of news disrupts Santiago Lansac’s life. He is forced to leave his small village and make his way first in the capital, later in Barcelona and then wherever fate takes him, in a long journey full of adventures that sees him cross paths with people whose intentions he fails to figure out in time. In the face of so much misfortune, only love can save him.

La estación perdida is a story of losers, but above all a human drama with unforgettable characters: Santiago, a likeable madman, tormented by fear and his own scatterbrained personality, and Candela, the personification of naivety, strength and unconditional love in a time when women were taught to serve.

In supple, precise prose with no shortage of humour, and with a skill that reaffirms him as a storyteller, Use Lahoz describes the changes Spain suffered in the second half of the 20th century through his antiheroes who are forced to emigrate and launched into the unknown in a novel full of feeling.