La caçadora de cossos

Columna: catalán, 2011 / Planeta: castellano, 2011

(The body hunter) A woman hunts for bodies. She collects all different kinds from many different sources, because she believes this is what fulfils her and makes her free. However, something is wrong; she’s not happy. The protagonist of this novel is really a woman who hunts in order to flee herself, and it is only when she meets a man who simply watches and listens to her that she starts to realise what is happening to her. Gradually she sheds these hunted bodies and comes to discover her own - desired and desiring, loved and loving. And it is then that she will be ready to learn that hers is a story of infinite love.

With the strength, sensuality and freshness she demonstrated in her first novel El último patriarca, Najat El Hachmi presents us with a magnificent feast for the senses and confirms herself as the most interesting and original voice of her generation.

(Spain, Catalan  - Columna; Booket - Labutxaca / Spanish - Planeta / Club, Círculo)