La buena reputación

Good Reputation | Seix Barral, 2014

a novel about what we inherit from the past and the need to find a place in the world.

1950s Melilla. Samuel is a Sephardic Jew, while his wife Mercedes is a Catholic. They lead a pleasant and peaceful life thanks to a flourishing bussiness. Nevertheless, the progressive decolonization of Morocco will force Spaniards to flee the Protectorate and face a terrible dilemma—moving to a country that has never been their home or establishing themselves in the newly created state of Israel. Against this backdrop of change and uncertainty, the already middle-aged couple contemplate their future and that of their two young daughters with unease.

1970s Zaragoza. Spain is slowly waking up to the modern era. The family has grown and Mercedes fights hard to keep it together. However, an estranged daughter, a suspicious death, an unexpected theft and family conflict are making things difficult for her. And a surprising last will and testament will further complicate matters.