Kakebo, libro de cuentas para el ahorro doméstico

Kakebo, Accounts Book for the Domestic Savings | Blackie Books, 2014 -2018

» An international bestseller!

Are you really aware of what you spend ? Do you know how to value things beyond their price?

The word Kakebo comes from the Japanese , and the sum of the three character that is written literally means "book of accounts for the domestic economy ." Something seemingly so simple is a real phenomenon in Japan , where millions of people use it every day to manage their household spending and control every penny.

Kakebo is the tool par excellence and the simplest and most adaptable way to organize every kind of household accounts, with slots to personalize it according to your routine spending, savings and life style.

You can also test your progress through questionnaires, summarizing the year into linear graphics with income and expenditure charts, record your saving tricks ...