Emet o la revolta / Emet o la rebelión

La Magrana, 2011 (catalán) / Duomo, 2012 (castellano)

(Emet or Rebellion) Barcelona, 2017. Guerau and Kosmas are two perpetual students of philosophy squatting a dilapidated mansion in the neighbourhood of Vallcarca. As a result of their intense efforts, devoted to the fruitless study of the classics and contemplation altered by all kinds of substances, they manage to give life to a Golem. This sombre, melancholy and unexpectedly violent creature escapes from its creators’ control and spreads panic in a section of Gracia occupied by graphic design corporations, Erasmus settlements and aseptic architecture permanently surveilled by security forces. Imma Gaziel, a researcher specialising in paranormal activity, has no confidence in the police and initiates an investigation on her own behalf, with the help of former detective and alchemist Victor Neige, who opens and leads her through the doors of a hidden city.