El ladrón de morfina

451 Editores, 2010 | The Morphine Thief

(The Morphine Thief) This story takes place in Korea, in the heart of war. On a night in 1951, Flaco Bentley, one of 187 airborne recruits from the United States, descends by parachute over the battlefield, eight thousand miles from home. In the war, he’s found death and horror, sure, but also a Colombian angel; an officer-artist who draws tanks with his typewriter; and morphine-traffickers and sex. And he understands that whenever there are two levels of war—one fought in the trenches, at ground level, and another up high—the result is hallucination, intoxication, and the curse that forces us to ask ourselves what we want and who we are: an added punishment, because it is always the case that we want what we cannot have and we are what we had not even suspected. In the end each man fights his particular battle in the field of desire and identity