El instante de peligro

Anagrama, November 2015 | The Moment of Danger

(The Moment of Danger) This mysterious and intimate novel invites the reader to enter the impossible world of a man who wants to reconstruct his past while making amends with love and failure.

A still shadow projected upon a wall in the middle of a forest. That´s the only thing that can be seen in the strange anonymous films sent by e-mail to Professor Martín Torres. The sender, the young artist Anna Morelli, found them by chance in an antique shop in New Jersey and intends to use them in her new art project at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, an institution where Martín worked as an intern ten years ago. Anna would like for Martín to return to Clark in order to write about the films and invent a story for the mysterious images.

Martín, who has just dropped out of a promising academic career and whose personal life since his divorce from Laura is in steep decline, accepts the invitation without thinking too much about it. He soon discovers that it won´t be as easy as expected. In Williamstown, his research into the films and his tortuous relationship with the artist starts to bring back memories from the past: the promise of happiness from those years, his relationship with Sophie, his marriage to Lara, their unconventional love...

Written as a long confession or, more precisely, as an emotional love letter, El instante de peligro is a beautiful novel about the memory of images and the recollection of lived moments. A book full of scorching and eloquent reflections about time, art and photography, but also an exploration of the passions of the soul, open relationships, bizarre sex and fluctuating emotions.