El año en que me enamoré de todas

Espasa, abril 2013

» Premio Primavera de Novela 2013

Sylvain Saury, a young Parisian is hitting thirties and, suffering from what we can call a severe case of Peter Pan syndrome, refuses to step into adulthood.

Although he has many virtues —he is insightful, friendly and well versed in many languages—he is also terribly flawed: he’s unable to move on when it comes to love, he’s always getting into other people’s business and the idea of growing up scares him to death. This last shortcoming leads him to accept a low-paying job in Madrid: he’d rather live from day to day away from home than face the inevitable.

The fact that Heike Kruger, the German ex-girlfriend that he has not managed to forget, lives in Madrid has also contributed to his move. As he settles in to his new home, Sylvain draws up a plan to win back Heike’s love. The unexpected discovery of a manuscript opens a window into the past, and a delightful and exciting story, full of strange coincidences, unfolds before his eyes. This story will completely change his view of the world and will help him realize that his dear friend Michel Tatin was right all along: "One has to use one’s heart”.

A novel about the trials and tribulations of relationships, especially long-distance ones, but it’s also an ode to the beauty of life, love, and friendship. In essence, it’s a wonderful romantic comedy filled with delightful characters that will help us reconcile with life and will make us believe that anything is possible.