Dones Valentes

Brave Women | Ara Llibres, 2020

A tribute to the women who have not submitted and who are changing the history of the Middle East. The female revolution in the Arab world through thirteen moving stories.

The view of journalist Txell Feixas Torras, Middle East correspondent for TV3 (Televisió Nacional de Catalunya), is sensitive to the stories of brave, anonymous women who may not find space in the news, but who move, empower and tell better than any other news the changes that will come and that have been knocking on the door of the Arab countries for some time.

The Middle East is experiencing an ongoing revolution, persistent and determined like no other: it begins just when a girl is born, and continues throughout her childhood, youth, adulthood and old age. It is the women's revolution. Theirs is a relentless, never-ending struggle against the secular patriarchy that dominates politics, culture and society. At times, the struggle is for pure survival; at others, a conscious and organised - political - struggle to win and defend such basic rights as the right to be born, the right to have an abortion, the right to an education, to a decent job, to defend yourself from those who want to destroy you, to keep what they have not yet been able to borrow from you... The right, in short, to exist.