Diccionario de música, mitología, magia y religión

Acantilado, 2012 | Dictionary of Music, Mythology, Magic and Religion

(Dictionary of music, mythology, magic and religion)

In this unprecedented dictionary, Ramón Andrés, a poet and essayist, not to mention a renowned scholar of music, introduces us to the analysis of nature and sounds, as well as the interpretation of the symbols they contain, to the bond forged between gods and men, which, when all is said and done, constitutes a detailed portrait of the evolution of human thought. Mythologies such as those of the Greek, Hindu, Celtic and Scandinavian varieties allow us to delve into the great legends of Indo-European culture, learning of the heroes transformed into the archetypes of our culture, revealing the symbolic content of the Universe, trees, hallucinogenic plants and animals, which forms part of the extraordinary magical backdrop that witnessed the early history of mankind and which is to be found in music. A far-reaching work that nonetheless goes well beyond the mere consultation of individual terms, but which rather emerges, in its own right and read as a whole, as a readable, entertaining work of reference.