Días sin tregua

Destino, 2006

(Relentless Days) Spain, March 1981. Things aren’t going well for Inspector Mainar. He is surrounded by colleagues who conspire against the democratic government, he has just investigated an ETA (Basque terrorist organization) kidnapping in which the hostage was killed, and his daughter is showing symptoms of a strange illness that the doctors have been unable to diagnose. A week after the failed coup d’état of 1981, Mainar is sent to Barcelona to investigate the kidnapping of Quini, Barcelona’s football team’s forward and the season’s star player. A strange event which leads to greater uncertainty in a country that suffers, on average, two terrorist attacks a week.  In a Barcelona under siege by labour conflicts and Molotov cocktails, Mainar works to find the football player, but, at the same time, deactivate the reactionary movements within the police force and put some order into his complicated emotional life. Relentless Days is a novel based on actual events that occurred in Spain in 1981.

(Spain, Destino)