Coreografías espirituales

Periférica, 2017

Here’s a story where novelty is not at odds with the best of tradition; a fertile prose that draws from the classics and projects into the future without being banal; a novel without enre but threatening to all genres.
Bedridden before a screen, a paraplegic vocalist writes with the pupil and eyelids the story of a famous rock band. Before this unspeakable text, the rest of the band decides to correct the episodes. The tracks in English and Mapudungun, however, lead to a previous memory submitted to the Empire and Counter-empire that keeps the world subdued.
This novel by Carlos Labbé is a musical anti-biography, but it’s also the fable of the political movement that managed to impose justice to a country. The emotional account of a couple and the shattered genealogy of a rural family that brings up an urban only child. Looking glass of the possibilities of a confessional tale, Coreografías espirituales amplifies the work of one of the most relevant and unclassifiable contemporary Hispanic narrators.