Ahora intenta dormir

Valdemar, noviembre 2015

2nd reprint!

There was a time when writing would give me nightmares that I’d then use to write, in turn giving me further nightmares. Though this vicious cycle might well have given me a stroke, as luck would have it, rather than finishing me off once and for all, I managed to craft a good many of the stories I’ve assembled on these pages

Ahora intenta dormir brings together the stories written by Emilio Bueso to date, testifying to the author’s unique ability and skill in transforming reality into the stuff of nightmares. There are those of the harrowing and apocalyptic sort, poetic and devilish tales, award-winners alongside others never before published. Almost all are shot through with a somewhat dreamlike air, almost all are baffling, but stories that lull you to sleep are nowhere to be found.

Sweet dreams…