50 libros que me han cambiado la vida

50 Books That Changed My Life | Bruguera, 2020

The first illustrated essay by Llucia Ramis. A very special work in which she describes the 50 books that changed her life.

«Every book, in every person, has a story that goes beyond what’s told in it.»

In this illustrated book, Llucia Ramis invites us to take a stroll through moments and spaces in her life that have been made memorable thanks to reading: from the time she perched on an old carob tree at her grandparents’ house in the company of Michael Ende and The Never-Ending Story to her discovery of the streets of Barcelona with the protagonist of Nada by Carmen Laforet.

Far from a canon or a literary biography, this is a journey through the work of different authors centered on the enjoyment of literature and a reflection on the books that have changed our lives.