Pablo Aranda (Málaga, 1968 – Málaga, 2020) was a novelist, a journalist and a tireless traveler. He devoted his time exclusively to writing, both books and articles for several publications. He was the author of the following children’s fiction titles: Fede quiere ser pirata (Anaya, 2012 – City of Malaga Children’s Literature Prize), the follow-up to Fede’s adventures, El colegio más raro del mundo (Anaya, 2014) and De viaje por el mundo (Anaya, 2017).
Among his novels for adults, one should mention: La otra ciudad (Espasa Calpe, 2003 -shortlisted for the Primavera Prize and winner of the 10th Andalusian Critics’ Prize to the best debut novel), El orden improbable (Espasa, 2004), Ucrania (Destino, 2006 – winner of the Málaga Award), Los soldados (El Aleph, 2013), El protegido (Malpaso, 2015) and La distancia (Malpaso, summer 2018)

His latest work was the children’s book Casas del mundo (Anaya Infantil y Juvenil, fall 2018). And the novel La distancia (Malpaso, 2018) was his latest work of adult fiction.

In 2021 it was published the posthumous YA novel El mundo del revés (Edebé, 2021).

El mundo del revés

The World Upside Down | Edebé, 2021

Fede y las gafas azules

Fede And The Blue Glasses | Anaya, 2020

Casas del mundo

Homes Around the World | Anaya Infantil y Juvenil, 2018

La distancia

The Distance | Malpaso, 2018

De viaje por el mundo

Round-the-world Trip | Anaya, 2017

El protegido

The Protégé | Malpaso, 2015

El colegio más raro del mundo

The Weirdest School in All the World | Anaya, 2014

Los soldados

The Soldiers | El Aleph, 2013

Fede quiere ser pirata

Fede Wants to Be a Pirate | Anaya, 2012

Desprendimiento de rutina

Detachment of the Routine | Arguval, 2003


Ukraine | Destino, 2006

El orden improbable

The Improbable Order | Espasa Calpe, 2004

La otra ciudad

The Other City | Espasa Calpe, 2003