Nicolás Casariego (Madrid, 1970) is author of the novel Dime cinco cosas que quieres que te haga (Espasa Calpe, 1998), the books of stories La noche de las doscientas estrellas (Lengua de Trapo, 1999) and Lo siento, la suma de los colores da negro (Destino, 2007) and the essay Héroes y antihéroes en la literatura (Anaya, 2000). In addition, he has published stories in various anthologies and newspapers, travel articles for El País and El Mundo, and is co-scriptwriter of several feature films.

Cazadores de luz (Destino, 2005), his second novel, was finalist for the Nadal Award 2005. He is also author of the children’s series Marquitos detective (SM, 2007), Marquitos caballero (SM, 2009),  Marquitos ladrón (SM, 2012) and Marquitos vampiro (SM, 2014).

After the novel Anton Mallick quiere ser feliz (Destino, 2010), his latest title is Carahueca (Temas de hoy, 2011), a movie tie-in book of the screenplay he co-wrote for Clive Owen’s project, Intruders. The film has been directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and produced by Universal Pictures.

Marquitos, superhéroe

Marquitos, Superhero | Ediciones SM, 2018

Marquitos ladrón

Marquitos Thief | Ediciones SM, 2012

Marquitos vampiro

Marquitos Vampire | Ediciones SM, 2014

Carahueca. Intruders, la novela

(Hollowface) Tema de Hoy, 2011

Anton Mallick quiere ser feliz

(Anton Mallick Wants to Be Happy) Destino, 2010

Dime cinco cosas que quieres que te haga

(Tell Me Five Things You Want Me To Do To You) Espasa Calpe, 1998

Marquitos, caballero

(Marquitos Knight) Ediciones SM, 2009

Héroes y antihéroes en la literatura

(Heroes and Antiheroes in Literature) Anaya, 2000

La noche de las doscientas estrellas

(The Night of Two Hundred Stars) Lengua de Trapo, 1999

Lo siento, la suma de los colores da negro

(I’m Sorry, All Colours Together Make Black) Destino, 2007

Cazadores de luz

(Hunters of Light) Destino, 2005

Marquitos detective

(Detective Marquitos) SM, 2007