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Hoy temprano

Hoy temprano
Clarín-Aguilar, 2001

(Early Today). Why do we so often go back to our childhood for answers? Who can show us the road to love, truth and happiness? Who holds that map?

The characters in these stories are always travelling, either for business or for pleasure, and in search of adventure, wisdom, peace or happiness. Trapped in their particular present, freed from their daily routines, they will have to rely on half-truths and mischief to guide them on their path. By the end of the journey, nothing will ever be the same again.

(Spanish World - Clarín-Aguilar)

«Mairal is a scathing analyst of the customs of society.» El País

«Pedro Mairal has settled into this crack; he describes it subtly, with tenderness and without wasting words.» Philippe Lançon, Liberation

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