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José Carlos LLOP

El mensajero de Argel

El mensajero de Argel
Destino, 2005

(The Messenger from Algiers) While all of Europe is slowly being torn apart, Carlos Orfila Klein begins a voyage to the past from the uncertain present of a city on the Mediterranean. Orfila Klein, director of a radio show, is obsessed with memories. This obsession leads him to search for a father that disappeared in the failure of hippie communes and to stalk the mystery of a grandfather involved in the defeated Europe in the Second World War. In his search, family secrets are unveiled that begin to crack open the lies of the past and reveal a terrible truth that revolves around a mysterious messenger from Algiers.

Part thriller and part novel of ideas, El mensajero de Argel builds a fascinating plot filled with enigmas, and plunges us into a world where the protagonist finds himself immersed in a Machiavellian circle of deceit and converted into a puppet in the hands of others. A stunning novel about the mysteries of the past, the uncertainties of the present, and the secret passions of all time.

(Spain, Destino)

«Originally loaded with zest (…) a wonderful discovery.» Claude Michel Cluny, Le Figaro

«A writer from head to toe.» Michel Polac, Charlie Hebdo

«Llop introduces the reader into an enigmatic an enveloping atmosphere. (…) A master of the art of combining prose, poetry and diary writing, Llop is in a world of his own.» E. Rodríguez, El Mundo

«A master when it comes to describing the gray of failed passions.» A. Tomàs, L’Avui

«An impeccably-made novel.» Miguel Dalmau, Qué Leer

«…an elegance worthy of underlining.» Miguel García-Posada, ABC

«El mensajero de Argel is the pure pleasure of writing: rich, dense, peppered with humour, intensity and serenity » Jean-Pierre Ressot, Quinzaine Littéraire

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