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José Carlos LLOP

París: Suite 1940

París: Suite 1940
RBA, 2007

(Paris: suite 1940) At the end of 1940, a Spanish correspondent in Berlin suddenly abandons the city on a night train to occupied Paris. He has requested a fortnight’s safe-conduct from the German authorities, but he will never return to his old post. The first contacts he makes in Paris are with Spanish diplomats at Franco’s embassy, working closely with the Nazi’s and collaborators. He moves into a luxurious apartment in the Passy district, which belongs to some Jews who have fled to the South. After two years of nightlife, and misguided bohemian low life with the art-world, the black-market and exiled Republicans, the Gestapo arrests him. Why did he leave Berlin? What is he really doing in Paris? Why does he have so many flats and apartments at his disposal? Why is he really arrested? Paris: suite 1940 is a passionate quest that delves into this mysterious episode where Spanish literature on Franquismo and gloomy Nazi occupied Europe meet.

(Spain, RBA)

 «Only the greats can achieve such a feat, and Llop is definitely in that category (…) a masterpiece.» Olivier Mony, Sud Ouest

 «The Spanish Modiano.» Bruno Corti, Le Figaro

«A great book and also an ethic one. Paris: suite 1940 is much more than just fiction.» J. M. Pozuelo Yvancos, ABC

«In Paris: suite 1940 José Carlos Llop reaches full maturity.» Josep Massot, La Vanguardia

 «Splendid novel.» Javier Goñi, El País

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